Google Business Listing Optimization

Has your Google business listing been verified? There are a lot of companies and individuals making calls to claim they work for Google and attempt to verify your business for a fee. Verifying your Google My Business can easily be done, Click Here to find out how to verify or create your Google My Business Listing. Rest assured that Google will not call you unless you personally initiated the call in one way or another.

As a Business Owner, your potential customers will more than likely be searching for what you have to offer through Google. Do you show up when they are ready to spend money?

There are statistics that state more than 80% of consumers will be searching on Google to find a local business. Think about it, where do you go to search for a local service? Are you likely to call or visit a website that you find on 1st page or do you keep looking on the 2d page, 3rd page and so on with the same search terms?

There have been studies that have revealed 96% of all searchers do not go beyond the 1st page of Google when searching for a business to meet their needs. If you are a house painter, do a search on Google for “House Painter” or “House Painter + city and state”. Is your business showing up on the Google Business Listings? These searches are being performed by paying consumers through the use of not only desktop computers but tablets and phones as well.

When consumers search for these local business terms, Google currently displays “If applicable” what they call a 3 pack. The top 3 Google Business listings for companies that are optimized for that specific search term are known as the 3 pack. This use to be 10 pack, then 7 pack, now 3 pack. The top listings usually purchase Google My Business Reviews or encourage their customers to leave a review. Reviews are a huge ranking factor!!

For your Google business listing to appear in this 3pk, several tasks need to be accomplished. The 1st is having you business listed and verified by Google. For best results and the highest chance of being on the front page, you will need to optimize this listing completely. We can show you how to do this, Click Here for instructions. We can perform this for you as well at no additional cost when purchased with any of our services. The other tasks that need to be completed are optimizing your website, citations, social media, and backlinks – what we call virtual signs and billboards for your website. Remember, these have to be optimized for your business geographical location and business industry. Another ranking factor, not required but definitely helps with conversions are reviews left on you Google page. All things being equal, would you call the business with no reviews or the business with 4 star reviews?

Our client’s websites have been optimized for these tactics and some have their website appear more than once. This enables them to not just take more than one spot on page one of Google, rather more importantly, remove one of their competitors from page one. Remember that stat, 96% of searches will not go past page one. So, not only did we remove than chances for our clients competitors rather we significantly increased the chance of conversion for our clients business.

To have your business start appearing on the 1st page, start by making sure you business is known by the search engines. There is a lot more to it than that but the good news is that everything can be found on our website here. Look around, study and share. If you need help and want it done for you, give us a call, we can help get your Google Business Listing heading in the right direction.